Looking for the Emperor of the Dune

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Hey, let’s have a break from street photography and enjoy some landscapes for a change. While I’m still waiting for the new b&w developer to arrive, I’ve processed a couple of expired-long-ago colour rolls of Fujifilm C200. Most of the photos are for the family archive but there were some pictures from one of our Saturday trips in winter that I’d like to share today.

Not far from Eilat there is a place called Kisuy¬†Dunes which are sand dunes among the mountains. It’s a beautiful¬†place, also great for hiking and kids to go wild. We heard about it before and one Saturday planned to go there. The day was sunny with some white clouds flying by and I decided to try shooting landscape and catching that light on the dunes, as the clouds were casting huge shadows here and there.

As I said, the film was quite old and I didn’t expect too much, but honestly, I was surprised by some of the photos though others are typical Fuji-green. I almost never do colour correction and other stuff to my film shots, so here they are shown as is.


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      Thank you, Yuri. It does feel like on some oyher planet there. Untill you see all those cars parked somewhere under the hill;-)

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