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WPC – Band on the Run

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  I never saw them afterward and I had never seen them before. It was only one quick moment on my usual way home. As I was walking down the street I heard a strange noise disturbing the usual “soundtrack” of a busy street. That was the sound of music approaching. Suddenly these guys on a motorbike appeared out of nowhere …

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New Year’s announcement

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As I’ve obviously missed the time for any looking back posts for the year 2016 (maybe it’s for the best, considering all the negative things), I’d like to jump on a New Year resolutions train. In fact, it’s more than simply a promise, it is an announcement of sorts. First, a little bit of background. I don’t remember if I …

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The paths we take

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A man vs the world, one vs many, man vs nature, loneliness vs together, full vs empty… There are so many possible interpretations to this photo and I have never realised that until now. It was taken in Moscow back in 2013. A friend of mine was visiting and we went out for a walk in the sun. The road …

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‘Twas the night before Chrismukkah

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    It’s curious how Christmas and Hannukah are always close to each other on the calendar, but this year they coincided on the same day. I just want to wish everyone who reads it a Merry Christmas or Happy Hannukah depending on what you celebrate if you celebrate at all.  

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It’s this time again…

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And I’m not going to talk about the holiday season, sorry. It’s been a hard month, a hard year. If you ever read my posts past the photos you might know that almost three years ago I moved country. We’ve lived at one place since then until this December when we moved house. It’s not nearly as stressful as starting …

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Tiny Horses

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  I remember calling this photo “Dreams of something bigger”, but as the time goes by I’m already not so sure if it fits. I’m more on the interpretation side these days. Make whatever you want of it. Tiny horses. Tiny rider.  

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Self-developed Rollei film and a question

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Some time ago I bought a couple of rolls of Rollei Retro 80S to try out. Last weekend I finally developed and scanned them and here some results. As you may have noticed some of the photos turned out very contrasty, while others are really fine. And there were some really gruesome results as well, on which later down the …

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Rose Man

In 35mm, Film by Ivan2 Comments

  After some relatively clear and straightforward challenges, this one is again… challenging. I didn’t quite get the idea of transmogrifying after the first read, but now I hope to have found a good match for the topic.   It might be too late now for the Halloween costume ideas, but this rose bouquet outfit seems quite scary.

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In Mobile by Ivan2 Comments

All these holidays put me into a very shuffled mode. I’ve almost lost day count and missed my “mobile Tuesday” post;-) This might be a compensation for this, or just a nice photo of a beautiful effect the clouds had on the sun light.

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This week’s photo challenge coincides with the week of Sukkot holiday, and in this respect, it was quite easy to decide what photo to choose. About two years and a half ago I moved to Israel and since then it’s become my new home. As they say, your home is where your heart is, and it is quite a challenge …

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One direction

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Once upon a time I posted this photo I managed to take in a split of a moment. So this is basically the next shot on my camera. After I passed those girls on my way down the street I stopped at the crossing and saw these guys. Suddenly they both looked in one direction, having seen something unusual I …