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Stylish. Elegant. New

In 35mm, Film by Ivan0 Comments

For those who don’t know Russian, the words on the poster are “Stylish. Elegant. New.” Though I’ve got another accidental series about reflections I’ve decided to choose this picture for the weekly challenge. The topic is “Mirror” and this photo reflects it quite right (pun intended).

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At the exhibition

In 35mm, Film, Personal favourites by Ivan4 Comments

Let me frame it for you: 1. Earlier this week I read this wonderful post about one of my favourite street photographers Matt Stuart. There is also a video with him talking about some of his photos and the way he works. Strangely enough, only now I’ve realized that I’ve never googled any videos with him myself, but anyway. Matt …

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Hiding in the shadows

In Mobile by Ivan0 Comments

When the temperature is closing to 50 degrees Celsius, air conditioning and cold drinks are even more important than food. And shade, if you can’t get air conditioning. While I was waiting for a bus I noticed how people scattered around the bus stop to find some shadow to hide. A couple of things I’m happy turned out as intended …

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It’s fun!

In 35mm, 6x6, Digital, Film, Mobile by Ivan4 Comments

This week’s Photo Challenge is about fun, and as it turned out, finding a proper photo wasn’t an easy task at all. Maybe it’s me or maybe Moscow is not exactly a fun city, but most of my film photos (as well as digital ones) except for personal archives don’t qualify for the topic. Another criteria for choosing was “What …