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A silhouette in warm tones

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It’s funny what one can fish out from the photo archive sometimes. Absolutely by accident I came across the photos from my studio photo shoot 7 years ago. That was my one and only time I shot in a studio with all the fancy strobes and stuff. My wife’s friend who is a professional photographer now and was studying back …

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As my contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge I’ve decided to choose this photo from my first trip to Amsterdam back in 2012. It was a business trip, so I had to wake up early and go meet some people. Though my hotel was about 30 minute’s walk from the meeting point I decided to walk anyway and shoot some …

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A beggar

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I’m not particularly fond of taking pictures of homeless and destitute people. When it comes to ethics in street photography this demographics is one of the most controversial topics. And one of the most popular to shoot as well. And as long as I don’t want to make any statement with my pictures I prefer not to opt for this …

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This photo is special to me, though it’s far from perfect. Almost two years ago, when I only started taking pictures, I was very impressed by the works of some true street photographers, like Matt Stuart or David Gibson to name a few. ¬†All those cunning, funny or miraculously lucky moments captured by the photographers inspired me to take my …