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Tiny Horses

In 6x6, Film by Ivan0 Comments

  I remember calling this photo “Dreams of something bigger”, but as the time goes by I’m already not so sure if it fits. I’m more on the interpretation side these days. Make whatever you want of it. Tiny horses. Tiny rider.  

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It’s fun!

In 35mm, 6x6, Digital, Film, Mobile by Ivan4 Comments

This week’s Photo Challenge is about fun, and as it turned out, finding a proper photo wasn’t an easy task at all. Maybe it’s me or maybe Moscow is not exactly a fun city, but most of my film photos (as well as digital ones) except for personal archives don’t qualify for the topic. Another criteria for choosing was “What …

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A beggar

In 6x6, Behind the photo, Film by Ivan0 Comments

I’m not particularly fond of taking pictures of homeless and destitute people. When it comes to ethics in street photography this demographics is one of the most controversial topics. And one of the most popular to shoot as well. And as long as I don’t want to make any statement with my pictures I prefer not to opt for this …

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A Teddy Bear

In 6x6, Film by Ivan2 Comments

  One gloomy day I was walking along the road and saw this teddy bear – the ready-made composition (and a sad story) on itself. But film is sometimes surprisingly unpredictable, as you know. After the film was developed I noticed this even more gloomy and faded effect the film and a camera had put into it. The camera, by …