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Red on Blue

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Recently I’ve finally started to develop colour film at home. Having bought the chemicals several months ago I couldn’t get it going, you know, I had to make the chemicals from powder concentrates and for that I had to bring water to a certain temperature and in order to do that I had to warm water… ugh. Sometimes I felt too lazy …

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New Year’s announcement

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As I’ve obviously missed the time for any looking back posts for the year 2016 (maybe it’s for the best, considering all the negative things), I’d like to jump on a New Year resolutions train. In fact, it’s more than simply a promise, it is an announcement of sorts. First, a little bit of background. I don’t remember if I …

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At the exhibition

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Let me frame it for you: 1. Earlier this week I read this wonderful post about one of my favourite street photographers Matt Stuart. There is also a video with him talking about some of his photos and the way he works. Strangely enough, only now I’ve realized that I’ve never googled any videos with him myself, but anyway. Matt …

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A sneak peek.

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This was meant to be a post with a story behind the photo, but it suddenly turned out to be a post with a story about the photo. I found it in the deepest corner of my instagram and decided to share here. This trivial task failed when I realized that I don’t have a copy of the photo on …

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I’ve been looking through my photos choosing candidates to be published in a portfolio and found this one. This photograph comes from those times when I didn’t have a camera of my own and borrowed my mother-in-law’s Pentax. It’s also far from what I came to shoot later, but nevertheless I love this picture for its colours and sunlight, and …

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This photo is special to me, though it’s far from perfect. Almost two years ago, when I only started taking pictures, I was very impressed by the works of some true street photographers, like Matt Stuart or David Gibson to name a few.  All those cunning, funny or miraculously lucky moments captured by the photographers inspired me to take my …