And as you walk away…

And as you walk away...
And as you walk away…

This picture was originally taken by my Nikon DSLR with an old manual Nikkor lens and it was in colour of course. Later I edited it using a film preset to imitate Ilford HP5 film .

Though from a distance the photo could look like a film one, still I see almost no analogue spirit in it despite this quite authentic preset. I like film photography, so I try to use those presets when editing my rare digital shots, but I always doubt if it adds anything to the pictures or ruins them.

Does this filmish effect spoil the photo? Below is the original.


4 thoughts on “And as you walk away…

    1. Thanks! As for the settings I need to look into exif, but I’m currently away from computer, sorry.
      My main concern about this version of the photo is just about grain actually. Doesn’t it give away its digital origin?


    1. Thanks! With my colour photos edited with those presets I have no doubts about the grain, it looks quite authentic. That’s a bit weird, because in digital photography black&white “noise” is usually better than the colour one, as you know. 🙂


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