My cameras – Olympus 35DC


This time I’d like to tell about and show you the first film camera I bought – Olympus 35DC.

It is a nice compact rangefinder with automatic metering and back light compensation button. The lens is a famous Zuiko 40mm f1.7, and the supported ISO of film is from 200 to 800.

As CameraPedia notices there are two versions of this camera. One is with the battery check button, while another has a button allowing you to override the low-light limiter. Well, mine is the first version, which is a bit pity, because I’d love to be able to shoot lower than 1/15 in low light.


Nevertheless this camera is very good and it’s been with me more times than any other of my cameras. It’s compact, relatively light to carry and automatic enough to not bother about settings but focus on taking pictures. And there is no autofocus, which is good.

I don’t want to bore you further with more technical details or nostalgic moments of using the camera. Let me show you some of the photos I took with it. There are more of course, I just selected a few favourite ones.

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