U-focus got you covered.


Experimenting with the U-focus feature on my HTC One. It allows to chose the focus point after the shot.

Ideally it should simulate dof effect similar to that on DSLR cameras with true lenses. After using it for a month or so I can say it does simulate it in a number of occasions, but more often it fails to clearly define which area to blur or to focus on.

It seems as if the second camera roughly divides the scene in three areas: front, middlerange and background. And if the object you are shooting is quite complex and stands in two of the “areas”, you most likely to get only one part of it focused with the rest blurred in some unnatural way.

It maybe the fault of the software, because it doesn’t allow to manually edit the area of focus/defocus, and it would be a great thing to do.

Nevertheless, sometimes you can get everything in your shot alright and the result will look good, as I think it does in this photo.

3 thoughts on “U-focus got you covered.

    1. I’ve never tried Lytro unfortunately, but I reckon it should be much better than htc’s duo-camera thing. But considering the price of Lytro, I would go with what I have=)
      As I said, the refocus feature is based on the depth info the second camera measures, while Nokia and Samsung both use a series of shots to allow you refocus (started with Lytro and talking about Nokia and sams now, weird).
      I’m more on the HTC side, as I think this way is more flexible, but the software now is imperfect.


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