It’s this time again…

Olympus 35DC, Fomapan 200

And I’m not going to talk about the holiday season, sorry.

It’s been a hard month, a hard year. If you ever read my posts past the photos you might know that almost three years ago I moved country. We’ve lived at one place since then until this December when we moved house.

It’s not nearly as stressful as starting a new life in a new country of course, but it’s not a Sunday parade either.

Needless to say that because of all this turmoil my photo activity has suffered greatly. Almost no new frames shot on film, very few pictures done with the phone, not mentioning social activity – this is the first post in a long time.

It’s all quite understandable and I’m not complaining. There’s another thing that bothers me.

With all this stress accumulated lately, I find it really hard to take pictures. I mean, what could be more inspiring than a new place to shoot, right? Well, one could say, but here I am, struggling to see anything worth photographing around. And what is even more frustrating that I’m living in a town now, which should give me a creative boost for new street pics.

And yet, it doesn’t seem to work this way.

I was wondering: what can I do to rekindle my street photo spark and feel the taste of shooting streets again?

How do you prefer to deal with such blackouts caused by stress and troubles in life?

4 thoughts on “It’s this time again…

  1. Hard times I know too! And it’s true that troubles really stop creativity. You constantly have other things on your mind, milling around in your head and you can’t see the photos that unfold in front of you.

    What can I say, persist! Have a real camera with you all the time! Not the sorry excuse for one, the iPhone, but a real (film) camera. You’ll have to force yourself through the first frames, but then the artistic vision will kick in slowly.


    I wish you all the best for 2017!!


  2. Hi Ivan, first of i wish you happy holidays and all the best in 2017. Its normal to get those blackouts, everyone goes through this at some point. Its important not to panic and keep on doing something, no matter how little and insignificant it might be. Coz one little thing will lead to another and then there’s a snowball effect. Also, i’d recommend getting out of your comfort zone and photographing subjects or the way you would not normally photograph.
    I’d agree with Frank too, going out there and taking those first shots will get u going. Sometimes it takes a while to get in the zone.
    And sometimes i’d watch the masters in action on youtube ( Pinkhassov, Eggleston, Meyrovitz) for starters…
    Happy shooting Ivan!


    1. Thank you, Yuri! It really seems like the right way to do it, though I thought the opposite. I thought maybe I’m pushing myself too much, forcing into shooting despite feeling low.
      But I guess Frank and you are right. I’ll try as soon as I get some time to roam the streets.

      Happy holidays to you as well and only the best things next year! We’ve had enough in 2016.


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