Fuji channeling Polaroid?

You’ve probably seen this already so it’s not breaking news but there is a curious thing about it.

On the hot edge of all the “Fuji kills ____ film” news (enter a fuji made film of your choice) we suddenly get a completely analogue instant camera from the same manufacturer. And it’s square format!

First I was like “Yay!” And then I went:

Why, really?

I’m no expert in business analytics but I have a theory. After Polaroid Originals made a strong comeback with its OneStep 2 camera it has probably occurred to Fuji that there is still demand for such things. They have their Instax line, true. But it’s smaller than Polaroid and it’s not square, and this is what’s hot now.

There’s this older model too. It is square and big but… it’s digital first and analogue second and is basically a digi cam with a printer.

So is Fuji channeling Polaroid? Maybe. Is the new camera a competitor of OneStep 2? Apparently. If this leads to some competition in the square instant sector? I hope so, because we the customers gonna benefit grom that.

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