For sale

Olympus 35DC, Rollei Retro 80S. Eilat, 2016

I’ve been flirting with the idea of having my photos available for print orders for a while, and after some research I finally have a place for that.

I’ve seen many photographers I follow have this option, and I don’t mean pros who earn for a living by doing projects or stock. I mean usual film/street photography folk. Some have a SmugMug page, others just put up a note that orders are accepted, each one chooses their own way.

So once I convinced myself that this idea might be good to try, I started thinking of the best way for me to execute it.

First, I looked at the options for WordPress. As it’s the platform my website is using it would be only great to have this feature in one place with the blog etc.

There are several plugins that are specifically designed for photographers and allow you to sell prints. Even before I tried I figured out two problems I had with them: price and inability to choose the printing service.

This last one was probably more important than money, though obviously at this point I was looking for a free option. If I was going to sell prints, I would want to be able to choose the printing service to work with. In this particular case I wanted it to be WHCC whom I previously used and liked very much.

None of the WordPress solutions provided such an option so I went on to look elsewhere.

In fact, I went on the WHCC website and found a list of services that work with them. This is how I found out about the PASS. It ticked all of my requirements:

– free to use for the start

– prints are done by WHCC

– reasonable amount of storage, enough for the meantime for me

– beautiful representation

– good number of settings for galleries and sales for free account

The number of settings, by the way, appeared to be even a little bit excessive to me. Free users cannot choose what kind of product they’d like to sell through WHCC, by default all of them are available. To choose whether you want to sell only prints or albums and canvases too, you have to upgrade. Ironically, I want only prints but if someone would like to order a postcard with my gloomy black and whites, they are welcome.

Right now there are three galleries on my PASS page reflecting my photobook sections. Thus every picture from the book can be ordered separately.

And it’s not all. I’m planning to add more photos and galleries, so stay tuned.

Thank you.

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