Now What?

It’s been a couple of days since my small exhibition at my local community centre, and I want to use my author’s privilege to write anything on this blog and share my thoughts.

First of all, let me just say it was awesome on a personal level. From the fact that I saw my photographs printed this big for the first time to the actual people that came in and looked and talked to me.

I’ll allow myself little bragging here and say I’m glad people really liked what they saw. Many would come up and share their reaction to the photos and ask questions. I honestly have never thought my pictures could be that interesting to other people.

My idea of this exhibition was not just sharing my photography, but showing a specific aspect of it. I chose photos from a particular time when I lived in Moscow and I wanted to present my view of the city, the view you can’t get when you’re only visiting. Judging by the overall success of the event, I say the goal was met.

There are several takeaways too. The major one is that having your own exhibit can inspire you and reinforce your love for photography in general and your approach specifically. Though I deliberately didn’t show any of the street photos shot in Israel, the positive reaction to my style kind of makes me think of hitting the streets more often.

Photos in frames

Another takeaway would be all the interactions I had that night. It was quite revelating to hear all the ideas and associations people had while looking at my photos. Getting some third-party perspective is precious.

Finally, one takeaway from the exhibition is quite literally a takeaway. Once I take the pictures out of the frames that were provided for the event, I’ll have them on hands with no idea what to do with them. As I’ve mentioned earlier they were printed specifically for the frames, and I don’t have any. Also, they are quite big to be put on walls at my place.

Photo prints anyone?

5 thoughts on “Now What?

    1. Thanks)) I guess it was, yes. I mean, it was just for my local community, but it felt good that people learned this side of me, even those who knew I do photography.


  1. My due respect! It sounds like a great experience. My congrats, that it was a success despite all the limitations you mentioned in your previous post.
    Did you use some labeling aside each picture or how did you describe what people see?
    I guess the fancy lights were due to the lighting situaion on location?


    1. Thank you!)) Yes, the lights were exactly that: fanciness and more light, haha.
      As for the labels, it was my decision not to have any. I wanted people to focus on the stories the pictures tell. I succeeded only partially because almost everyone who spoke to me asked about locations but rarely about subjects.


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