In the hot, hot night

Huawei P9, Leica Dual Camera, Night Mode

The other day I’ve decided to try a night camera mode. The app thoughtfully advised me to put the phone on a tripod which I don’t have, so I just went manual.

It kinda shows but thanks to the orange tint the photo looks mysterious and a bit Mars-y. And the blur adds up to it.

The shutter speed here was 3.2 seconds with ISO 1600.

The runner-by

The runner-by.
The runner-by.


All the lucky chances came at once when I took this picture. First, I just waited for anyone to pass by the house and she appeared: playful and curious. Second, she didn’t just rush through the scene but made that jump onto the pavement and looked into my direction!

Oh, once I pushed the button I knew it gonna be a great shot. And to hell with some blurriness.