This portrait of my son became one of my favourite family photos straight away, but the irony here is that it was shot by accident. I couldn’t remember taking it and later I realised it was one of the first “technical” frames in a new roll. I’ll allow myself a bit of old-sock rambling and say that this photo would never happen if I used my digital camera. No need to shoot photos in order to advance the film, thus no accidental pictures like this.


Q is for quest

Olympus 35DC, Fomapan 400
Olympus 35DC, Fomapan 400

I don’t do travel photography in the form of landscapes, extreme shots or other “follow me” stuff. But as a amateur photographer I’m always in search for something. And this is my quest: to try and see beauty, irony, paradox, usual and unusual, unique and common in our daily life. I’m on a quest for the shot.

I don’t say that this particular photo is the shot, but at least I like it for its two-level composition. It also looks like a double exposure shot which it’s not.