Do you like coffee? I do.

Huawei P9, Leica Dual Camera. Eilat, 2017

Ok, it’s not going to be about my love for coffee. Rather it’s going to be about how I love taking photos and posting them here, though one could disagree looking at my posting rhythm.

Anyway, let’s make it quick and simple because I don’t want to feel more awkward than I do.

The point is that as much as I would like to keep my website alive only on my own, it’s hard to find any extra finances for it when you’ve got a family with two kids. I don’t blame them for that in any way but it is what it is.

Till now I managed to keep the website alive but most of the time it was more of a life support than a full funding. Unfortunately, even this life support option is no more.

Which brings me to you, my dear followers and readers.

Some of you have already showed your support for my photography by buying my book on Blurb and I’m grateful for that. But I also understand that for some people a book is not always a suitable option, though otherwise they would gladly consider expressing their support.

Now if you ever wish to help the blog going you can do it in the form of a coffee donation. It’s way less than buying the book and I know that a small encouragement of someone’s efforts not only helps that person but gives you a warm feeling inside. Exactly like coffee.

Thank you.



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Hiding in the shadows

When the temperature is closing to 50 degrees Celsius, air conditioning and cold drinks are even more important than food.

And shade, if you can’t get air conditioning.

While I was waiting for a bus I noticed how people scattered around the bus stop to find some shadow to hide. A couple of things I’m happy turned out as intended are this zig zaggy composition and the three poses: sitting, lying and standing.

It’s fun!

This week’s Photo Challenge is about fun, and as it turned out, finding a proper photo wasn’t an easy task at all. Maybe it’s me or maybe Moscow is not exactly a fun city, but most of my film photos (as well as digital ones) except for personal archives don’t qualify for the topic. Another criteria for choosing was “What is fun?”. I know this is the point of weekly challenges: they leave interpretation to you, and that’s why it was quite a challenge for me to pick up suitable photos. Well, this is what it’s all about, a challenge, right? And it is fun. Also:

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In the hot, hot night

Huawei P9, Leica Dual Camera, Night Mode

The other day I’ve decided to try a night camera mode. The app thoughtfully advised me to put the phone on a tripod which I don’t have, so I just went manual.

It kinda shows but thanks to the orange tint the photo looks mysterious and a bit Mars-y. And the blur adds up to it.

The shutter speed here was 3.2 seconds with ISO 1600.

Welcome, my monochrome friend

Huawei P9, Leica Dual Camera, monochrome
Huawei P9, Leica Dual Camera, monochrome

Remember that post I wrote about the ultimate phone for photographers? Well, it still may be so, but it’s definitely got some serious competition.

It’s just my laziness and tragic sudden death of my HTC One M8 that prevented any sort of preview of Huawei P9, my new phone camera, before I actually got it. If you are into smartphones and mobile photography you definitely know the main thing about it. Yes, I’m looking at you, Leica logo!

Now when it’s too late for previews I’ll just move on to some demos. Since I’ve had this phone for only less than a week I can’t actually say much, but I can show you some pics.

After a nuisance the HTC camera was, almost any picture that comes out of the Huawei 12mp camera is a great one. But truth be told I haven’t actually used the camera mode yet because I’ve been busy shooting some authentic black and white photography in the monochrome mode. It uses the b&w sensor of the dual camera system, and here is where this Leica thing reveals itself. I’m not sure if another Leica product, Leica M Monochrom, has anything to do with the development of this colour sensor-b&w sensor system, but it just reminded me of that rangefinder when I first read about the Huawei cameras. Speaking about Leica’s involvement into the development, many reviewers doubt the company has done anything except for sticking its logo on the phone. Well I’m sure this separate black and white sensor thing was Leica’s idea.

I’ve put up this small gallery so you could see yourself how the b&w mode works. No image was post-processed, just reduced in size with a little of sharpness to compensate reduction.

Also for no particular reason, I throw in a video review of the camera interface, in case you wondered about other features, like RAW support. No one actually mentions it in the reviews, but RAW is only available for the colour Pro mode. If you shoot monochrome, jpeg is your only option. For me, it’s not a big deal as I’ve got a rule not to retouch or post-process my black and white photos.

As I continue experimenting with the camera I’ll be back with more impressions. But for now, I’ll leave you with the Leica Dual Camera monochrome.

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Looking for a source of inspiration

This post is about inspiration.

When I just started my way into street photography, I didn’t figure out what exactly I want to shoot right from the beginning. As I had never done this before, I was confused, but I realised that this genre is what I enjoy the most.

So, I needed some guidance to help me understand what is street photography. This is when I found this website, It calls itself a home for street photographers and rightly so. Though not boasting the likes of Cartier-Bresson or Winogrand among their authors, the site’s portfolio features some acclaimed street photographers of modern times, like Matt Stuart, David Gibson or Gus Powell.

I have to say that discovery of this resource shaped my view of street photography and gave the direction to follow. If you haven’t heard of this website before, please visit it and you won’t regret.


Now, when I’m living far from the maddening crowd of the city, I’m struggling with my new demon: what do I shoot here? As I’ve said before I continue using film cameras, but without this street atmosphere, I find it hard to see anything worth shooting with them. The rhythm of life here is so different that I didn’t make a single photo after an hour of walking around the nearest town. So, again, what I needed was an inspiration.


#35mm #superia400

A photo posted by Scott (@tsbehr) on Jun 20, 2016 at 3:04pm PDT


Fortunately, I’ve come across this  Instagram account of a person who lives in a place very similar to mine, and he uses film cameras to picture the life around. I’m not into landscape photography, which would seem only logical when you live in a secluded area, but as it turns out shot with expired film nature photos can look at least interesting. And of course those sunny lit bits of rural life, constructions and seemingly deserted places touch some strings in my soul, and I feel this new kind of street photography might be the way to go.

We’ll see.