Q is for quest

Olympus 35DC, Fomapan 400
Olympus 35DC, Fomapan 400

I don’t do travel photography in the form of landscapes, extreme shots or other “follow me” stuff. But as a amateur photographer I’m always in search for something. And this is my quest: to try and see beauty, irony, paradox, usual and unusual, unique and common in our daily life. I’m on a quest for the shot.

I don’t say that this particular photo is the shot, but at least I like it for its two-level composition. It also looks like a double exposure shot which it’s not.

Stylish. Elegant. New

Olympus 35DC, Kodak Ultramax 400
Olympus 35DC, Kodak Ultramax 400

For those who don’t know Russian, the words on the poster are “Stylish. Elegant. New.”

Though I’ve got another accidental series about reflections I’ve decided to choose this picture for the weekly challenge. The topic is “Mirror” and this photo reflects it quite right (pun intended).


Olympus 35DC, Ilford HP5
Olympus 35DC, Ilford HP5

As my contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge I’ve decided to choose this photo from my first trip to Amsterdam back in 2012.

It was a business trip, so I had to wake up early and go meet some people. Though my hotel was about 30 minute’s walk from the meeting point I decided to walk anyway and shoot some morning Amsterdam streets. The picture framed itself in a moment when I noticed that the father and his son are sitting under the sign “Locals”. And locals they are indeed.

M is for moving


Ok, folks, now this is the post to let you know that this blog moves to a new house.

From now on all the new photos and posts, as well as all the old ones are available at ivanpilov.com.

If you are my subscriber or follower through WordPress Reader there should not be any problem receiving updates from the new address. At least so they say in the moving guide.

If you are new here I encourage you to check ivanpilov.com for more recent publications. The new website has the same subscription and follow options, so you can choose whether to receive updates via email or see them in the reader.

Thank you, everyone! I’m glad you stick with me on my photo journey through life and I hope you’ll continue doing so on my new website.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life





This is a small pedestrian street near the underground entrance in Moscow. I was going somewhere when I saw this boy standing in the corner deep into his thoughts. He was so unnoticeable to the flow of people going in and out of the metro station, and I tried to reflect it in the composition. There are many people in the photo to look at and imagine their stories, but it’s really this boy who was worth the shot for me.