Big questions of street photography. Taking photos of people.

It’s amazing how diverse a thing can be. I mean, I can just have a look at my feed of favourites here and see street photography of all types and sorts.

And looking at those pictures I found myself going over some “opposing” points in the genre, and how I figured them out for myself in the beginning.

Like the approach to taking photos of people in the streets.


I know many photographers prefer just to come up close and snap a portrait. I’ve seen some of them doing it in a rather aggressive way, to my liking. Like this:

There’s another way, which I followed, to be an unnoticed observer. This technique allows you to catch a more natural moment and not to destroy a story that might be unfolding. Also, it helps to avoid conflicts, of course, though some would definitely call this approach cowardly.


Since I’ve got so many various street photographers following my blog, I’ve decided to ask you a question.

What is your approach to photographing people in the streets? Do you ask for permission or prefer to be unnoticed?