Going further

Until now I posted my photos only to social networks, blogs and communities, but there was no specific site where I could refer people to when they asked me what kind of photos I take.

Now there is such a place. Please welcome my brand new portfolio at ivanpilov.format.com
It’s still work in progress, I continue to upload photos and reorganize them, but you can check it out anyway.


Creating a portfolio is a big step for me as I’ve never thought of creating a showcase website before, probably, because I’ve never thought of myself as a photographer in a professional way. You know, cool photographers all have portfolios, they even sell their works there, get contracts etc. I’m just a hobbyist, so why bother? But a good friend of mine persuaded me to create it, and here it is.

The way to do it was also an important issue. Which platform to chose, how much it will cost, should I try create a standalone website myself or choose a ready-to-go solution. I’ve looked at several portfolio platforms and finally found format.

There are two main features I particularly like about it:

  • a simple design (with lots of customization setting under the hood)
  • a blogging part. (That’s honestly what I wanted to make here: one part – for looking at pictures while another is for posting stuff.)

Currently I’m on a 14-days trial and I can still change my mind, but so far everything is wonderful and I really hope I won’t need to.