beyond the photo mode. how video games use photography as a narrative device

SPOILER WARNING: this article contains spoilers for the following games: “Life is Strange”, “Virginia”, “1979 Revolution: Black Friday”. If you intend to play any of those you may want to come back to this article later. Otherwise you’ve been warned.

once i was a teenage girl who shot polaroid and then used the photos to travel back in time. then i was an FBI detective who developed a roll of film to get evidence. then in 1979 i roamed the streets of Tehran with my camera documenting the Iranian revolution as it happened.

as strange as it may seem, all these stories really happened. the only trick here is that they didn’t happen in real life, i lived them in video games.

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Film Photography and Video Games

I love video games. I don’t write about them here obviously but I’d say I love playing as much as taking pictures. Usually they compete for those bits of free time I get, and there’s no way I could do both at the same time. Unless I start taking photos in games, which is a thing of beauty on its own if you know how to do it properly, and I don’t. Moreover, my photography is mostly film and one would argue there’s no way you can both shoot film and play games.

Well, that someone hasn’t seen the Continuos City project by Gareth Damian Martin. I stumbled on an article about it at Kotaku UK and was blown away.

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